Centraal Beheer Office Building, Dutch Structuralism

Herman Hertzberger is a Dutch architect born in 1932 in Amsterdam. As a disciple of Aldo van Eyck, he was one of the main influences behind the Dutch structuralism movement. The project considered to be one of the most inspiring examples of the movement is the Centraal Beheer office building in Apeldoorn. It was designed as a sixty cubes workspace forming a single articulated unit.

Kirov Reservoir

The Kirov Reservoir is a reservoir located in the Talas region, in northern Kyrgyzstan. The main function of this construction is to control the irrigation of the land in the Talas Valley. The reservoir has a capacity of 550 million cubic meters, allowing to irrigate 55,000 ha of land between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

La Description de l’Égypte: Antiquités, Volume III – Karnak and the Luxor Temple

La Description de l’Egypte (The Description of Egypt), is the first encyclopedia devoted exclusively to Egypt. It is a work from Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign, recounting the discoveries made during this scientific voyage. The third book of plates is La Description de l’Égypte: Antiquités, Volume III. It describes the sites of Luxor and Karnak.

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