Senses Atlas is a collection of visual archives aimed at developing a phenomenological approach in our consumption of content. By escaping from the standardization and the submission to a Western vision, this atlas purpose is to reconcile us with our emotions, and help us develop our imaginary.

The archive collection is a virtual wandering, where the images that attract us are explained, detailed, to go beyond the visual sense. The theoretical connections build an imaginary space, without a defined limit or plan, changing, moving, an evolving virtual space linked to territories, to senses, where nothing is predefined.

By connecting to the senses, the objective is to affirm differences, to refuse homogenization, to escape from uniformisation, from restrictions, from standards, from the strict and non-inclusives codes of society. To bring man out of his isolation from a world he no longer lives in, where he has superficially taken root.

Questionning places, territories, spaces, the world, the senses, and this through the periods and the temporalities, to enable the development of a multi-sensorial perception of the environment.

The link between publications is a sensitive approach aiming at diversifying sources of inspiration, unofficialy, without value judgment, regardless of what is interesting or not. The diversity of content facilitates a synesthesic approach to combining senses. It is a platform that calls for us to reappropriate our sensations and identify what moves us.

“I’m interested in ephemeral architecture, the world of the provinces, objects that are considered bad taste that for me have never been so, objects charged with desires, dreams, collective memories… windows, mirrors, stars, palm trees, atlases, globes, books, museums and people through images.” – Luigi Ghirri



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Paris, France



To submit a project please send : name of project, year, author, location, text in english, photo documents with credits.



Senses Atlas was created between Paris and Buenos Aires in the 2020 winter/summer.

34° 35′ 52.655″ S, 58° 24′ 37.861″ W

Senses Atlas does not claim authorship of any of the published images unless otherwise specified. All the reasonable efforts were made  to identify and credit all the image creators and owners. If you are the copyright holder of any imagery you would like removed or credited differently, please contact us.

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