Voyages of scientific exploration: La Description de l’Égypte

La Description de l’Égypte
Commission des sciences et arts d’
30° 02′ 40″ N, 31° 14′ 44″ E

La Description de l’Egypte (The Description of Egypt), or Recueil des observations et des recherches qui ont été faites en Égypte pendant l’expédition de l’Armée françaisepublié par les ordres de Sa Majesté l’Empereur Napoléon le Grand is the first encyclopedia devoted exclusively to Egypt. It is a work from Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign, recounting the discoveries made during this scientific voyage.

The major part of the final work is about ancient Egypt. This page brings together an access to the five volume and to the historical presentation of the encyclopedia. The five volumes focus on the numerous archaeological sites identified by the members of the commission. They are presented here with their illustrations, completed with descriptions, details, locations, anecdotes and historical precisions that the years allow us to do.

La Description de l’Egypte: Antiquités, all the volumes
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Map of all the archeological sites

The map shows the different places mentioned in the fives volumes of La Description de l’Egypte: Antiquités. Click on the markers to get an overview of the archaeological sites and access the related post.

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