Hybrid Kindergarten

Dreifachkindergarten Gartenstrasse
Estrada Reichen Architekten + Malte Koes Architekten
Würenlingen, Switzerland
47° 31′ 55″ N, 8° 15′ 20″ E

The unusual challenge of this project is to associate a kindergarten on the ground floor with a public car park underground. The hybrid building was then designed to efficiently combine a coherent concrete structure between both programs. The floor plan is based on a width of 18m, which is the minimum required for an efficient parking arrangement. With the intention of reducing the loads on the parking’s ceiling, the roof structure was designed to distribute the majority of all vertical loads to the concrete facade.
The inside ground space of the kindergarten is divided into three compartments. Each area is connected physically, with sliding doors and visually, with circular opening in the concrete beams. All these spaces and the mezzanines are generously illuminated by the linear skylight structure of the hip-hop roof. They intent to recreate a tent house atmosphere in a concrete and wood building.

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