Solaris, Tarkovsky

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky

Solaris is a 1972 science fiction film based on Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same name (1961). It’s the third Tarkovsky movie and takes place in the near future.  After the discovery of the planet Solaris, an ocean of protoplasmic matter, a scientific space station was built in order to communicate with this creature. Despite the various experiments on this form of intelligent life, no convincing results could be obtained. The crew of the station, then reduced to its minimum, is in crisis and will probably close lead to the closure of the station. Doctor Kris Kelvin goes to the station to elude the paranoid mysteries and the identity of the station’s “visitors”. Despite the loneliness and slowness prevailing in space, the memories mingle with reality, and he begins to believe that he has returned to earth. Ocean Solaris, the planetary brain, has started to interact with cosmonauts. Kelvin gradually realizes that in space everyone will hear you think.

“See, I love you. But love is a feeling we can experience but never explain. One can explain the concept. You love that which you can lose : yourself, a woman, a homeland. Until today, love was simply unattainable to mankind, to the Earth. Do you understand me, Snaut ? there are so few of us. A few billion altogether. A handful ! Maybe we’re here in order to experience people as a reason for love.”


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