Obsolete industrial structures, Repurposed Utility

Repurposed Utility
Greg Maka

Tall industrial chimneys, water tanks and other industrial structures are part of the landscape. However, the majority have become obsolete structures. Greg Maka explores the built environment and the change in function of these structures. In this series, he testifies to the non-formal conversion of these vertical axes, converted into relay antennas. These places without function become over time points of reference, witnesses of another era. For the most part, we do not notice the transceivers installed on the industrial structure. Therefore, their image in space remains unchanged. In fact, a summary effort has been made concerning the camouflage of these. Brick chimneys receive antennas with the same facing. The multiple tanks are grafted with antennas painted in the same colors. The effect is more or less successful but this is what makes each industrial structure a unique chimera.

Photo Credit: Greg Maka

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