Outlines of Botanical Geography

Outlines of Botanical Geography. The Distribution of Plants in a Perpendicular Direction, in the Torrid, the Temperate and the Frigid Zones; with Indications of the Mean Temperature of the Year and of the Coldest and Warmest Months
Alexander Keith Johnston
Edinburgh, Scotland
55°57′17″N 3°12′06″W

This map is part of a selection contained in The physical atlas: a series of maps & notes illustrating the geographical distribution of natural phenomena. This atlas is the synthesis of a long and complete work, printed in 1848 in Edinburgh by William Blackwood & Sons. It compiles about fifty graphic documents on various subjects such as geology, hydrology, zoology, botany, geography, meteorology and natural history. The natural phenomena recorded are studied and represented on different geographical areas: in the World, in Europe and in Great Britain. One of the most remarkable documents is The Outlines of Botanical Geography a study based on the Physikalischer Atlas of Professor H. Berghaus.
The survey is a colored document representing a large and complete study of the plants distribution in the world. The major part is dedicated to a world map showing the geographical distribution of plants according to the famous german explorer Humboldt. The other remarkable aspect of this document is the graphic representation of plants distribution in the following mountain ranges: Andes, Tenerife, Himalayas, Alps and Pyrenees, Lapland. The phytology aspect is also represented by some graphical statistics of the most important families of plants, according to the thermal zones. Finally differents forms of plants are drawn at the left and right bottom of the map. 

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Plants distribution in the following mountain ranges: Andes, Tenerife, Himalayas.

Some forms of plants from different parts of the world such as the Cocoa tree, the banyan tree and the magnolia.

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