Kogundou, a collection of Japanese achives

Kogundou is a collection of Japanese archives updated daily. Their content ranges from old Japanese maps to magazines from World War II, handwritten documents from the Edo period and children’s books. The massive collection of archives has been collected for 38 years and offers unique copies. Advertising documents, poetry collections, postcards offer a broad overview of graphic production in Japanese society, through the various events of the past centuries. Visit them here.

53 Ancient Tokaido, 1890 - Takejiro Kamei
Japanese-Russian War Map - Multicolored Bird's Eye View
Special issue of New Youth Shining Emperor Hakubunkan
Ocean Boy No. 39 German Navy Sea and Sky Company 1945
Indispensable air defense annex 1941
Indispensable air defense annex 1941
Source: Kogundou

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