Metaphysical territories, Jean-Pierre Ugarte

Jean-Pierre Ugarte

Jean-Pierre Ugarte is a French painter born in 1950.  Born in Bordeaux, on the French coast, he was inspired at a very young age by the military architecture of the Atlantic Wall. He is unquestionably a landscape painter, representing air, nature, water interacting with concrete structures. Jean-Pierre Ugarte paints these metaphysical territories without humans, leaving room for interpretation. As a result, his landscapes are similar to an archaeology of the future. His views from another world, are in the same vein of romantic painters’ work. To date, he explored these worlds in almost 500 paintings.

Jean-Pierre Ugarte landscape
ugarte territory
Ugarte passage
Ugarte desolation
Ugarte desolation
Jean-Pierre Ugarte
Credits: Jean-Pierre Ugarte

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