Celestial Station, Elvin Aliyev

Celestial Station
Elvin Aliyev

Celestial Station is a series of images that Elvin Aliyev has created while experimenting with toon shading. This process, also known as cel-shading, is a type of non-photorealistic rendering used to recreate a cartoon or comic book style from 3-D CG. His station in orbit is an infrastructure with an aerial (or celestial) transport system. It is mainly inspirated by the work of Mœbius and its colorful metaphysical universes. Another source of inspiration comes from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Hayao Miyazaki, 1984) and its post-apocalyptic industrial world.

Elvin Aliyev Aerial Trams Celestial Station
Aerial Trams
Elvin Aliyev Elasopteryx Celestial Station
Elvin Aliyev Stairs
Before After Elvin Aliyev The Planet
Before After Elvin Aliyev
Source: Elvin Aliyev

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