Geographical Atlas of the Argentine Republic

Atlas geográfico de la República Argentina
Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe
34°36′29″S 58°22′13″W
1:8 500 000, 1:1 870 000, 1:24 000

This is the second edition of the maps that were published in 1887 in a geographical atlas of the Argentine republic. This one was expanded and adds a map of the railroads and the telegraph lines in Argentina. The atlas also contains maps of every provincia and a map of Uruguay and Paraguay.
The first map is 49x29cm and shows Argentina with all its provincias. It also includes a representation of Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands), a very conflictual geographical point, disputed between Argentina and England.
The second map is 51x46cm and represents the provincia of Buenos Aires, including agriculture colonies and an zoomed inset of Buenos Aires and its railroads connections.
The third map is 31x50cm, it contains a plan of the city of Buenos Aires that isn’t north-oriented. The city is much smaller than it is today, but already has it remarkable hippodamian plan. The map includes public buildings, railways, tramways, and 25 significant buildings.

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