Kenzo Tange, Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium

For the 1964 Olympic Games, Japan invested huge amounts of capital in the construction of sports infrastructures. The architecture of the sports buildings gave the image of a modern nation, developed and more powerful than ever. The gymnasium architecture of Kenzo Tange can be considered as a manifesto of the modern Japanese architecture that revealed itself to the world during the Olympic Games.

Ghost-Town, the Abandoned Hotel Resorts in Sinai

Between 2002 and 2005, Haubitz + Zoche travelled the Sinai and documented abandoned hotel resorts. These ghost-towns are filled with unfinished hotel structures, isolated in the middle of the desert. Due to the instability of the region and dubious investments, these hotel sites were never completed. They are photographed as the sad consequence of a tourism policy of uncontrolled urban development. This series depicts a form of new archaeology, showing a bygone era, wich is the opposite of the pharaohs architecture.

Ukivok Island, The Ghost Village on Stilts

The geography of the Ukivok island is particular for an inhabited island. It’s 1.6km long and is mainly made up of steep rocky coasts and cliffs, without a beach, which makes landing difficult. The island has few natural resources, the animals are mainly birds, and the high vegetation is almost absent. Therefore it seems almost impossible to live there year-round, but for several decades Inupiat people lived on the island in unique houses on stilts.

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