Ghost-Town, the Abandoned Hotel Resorts in Sinai

Between 2002 and 2005, Haubitz + Zoche travelled the Sinai and documented abandoned hotel resorts. These ghost-towns are filled with unfinished hotel structures, isolated in the middle of the desert. Due to the instability of the region and dubious investments, these hotel sites were never completed. They are photographed as the sad consequence of a tourism policy of uncontrolled urban development. This series depicts a form of new archaeology, showing a bygone era, wich is the opposite of the pharaohs architecture.

Another Rome: EUR District

EUR is a residential and business area of Rome. The initial project was developped for the 1942 World Fair. It was supposed to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of PNF’s March on Rome, but the exhibition never took place due to World War II. The architecture is the execution of Italian fascist ideology, widely inspired by Roman Imperial Town Planning mixing it with Italian rationalism.

Strange Beauty: geothermal activity

The Yellowstone National Park is known for its geothermical activity, centered around the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent. Zac Henderson explored the canyons, rivers, geysers, lakes of the Park to capture the markers of geothermal activity on earth’s surface. This series shows what forms these landscapes, the natural sculptures made of water, minerals and bacterial activity.

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