Happy Together, the Argentine exile

Happy Together is the story of two undisciplined lovers in exile. Ho Po-Wing and Lai Yiu-Fai left Hong Kong to go and see the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. They arrive in Buenos Aires, where there is a time lag and cultural gap. Above all, they experience a relational and emotional shift. The couple find themselves stuck in a passionate and unstable cycle.

Une femme mariée

Une femme mariée is the eight Godard film. The main subject of it is a woman in her twenties, Charlotte (Macha Méril). She leads her life between her husband Pierre (Philippe Leroy), and her lover Robert (Bernard Noël). Pierre is a private airplane pilot, often absent. Robert is a theator actor who asks her to divorce Pierre. She doesn’t know wich of the two men to choose, until she learns that she is pregnant.


Solaris is a 1972 science fiction film based on Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same name (1961). It’s the third Tarkovsky movie and takes place in the near future. After the discovery of the planet Solaris, an ocean of protoplasmic matter, a scientific space station was built in order to communicate with this creature. Despite the various experiments on this form of intelligent life, no convincing results could be obtained.

Ad Astra

James Gray’s film presents an almost mythological quest, similar to Telemachus seeking Ulysses. Far from Itaque, it offers a set of visual atmospheres letting us plunge into the solitude of the infinitely large, into the despair of the infinitely empty.

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